Ao Dai Hoa Nguyen – Vietnamese Long Dress for every body

Ao Dai Hoa Nguyen

Was founded by Hoa Nguyen – tailor with over 10 years experience in the profession Ao Dai, with skillful hands and how precise to strict. There is great passion is to create new lines with ease, gently dress for each…


“ If you want to have Ao Dai, looking to Hoa Nguyen, you rest assured that you will get a dress like that” – that is more customer comments after working with Hoa Nguyen, because with Hoa Nguyen, jobs should dress like a make a living, so that she always tried to spend all her soul into each stitch to blow nose, flowers, beads…to finishing, your oufit is to bring you comfort, help show off the beauty and hide latent defects. You will feel your choices are right when come to Hoa Nguyen with friendly service criteria, faith and honor the profession, we – Ao Dai Hoa Nguyen always wanted to see a smile of satisfaction when you come to things such as our address familiar occasions page such as weddings, dinner, or more simply to wear a dress style changes daily, for a photograph on a walk with friends…etc…

Hoa Nguyen dress with a staff of experienced, creative, constantly turning out new models dress in line with modern trends. Please register as a member of to receive the latest information about product samples as well as the promotion of out attractive.

Our Product : Women’s Long Dress | Man’s Long Dress | Kid’s Long Dress | Prom Dress | Wedding Dress | Soiree |CHINESE CHEONGSAM ….  and many more.

Ao Dai Hoa Nguyen – a gentle beauty!


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