You‘re think wear a long dress in summer is very hot right? But it’s not it’s very cool and comfortable cause it’s made from silk, true story 🙂


94.99 USD



Màu: Xanh -đỏ

Chất liệu: Voan

Mô tả họa tiết đính kèm : Kết cườm,hoa rời


Long distance? Don’t worry, we’re shipping world wide!




Áo dài Hòa Nguyễn | Hoa Nguyen’s Long Dress




Ao Dai Nu | Ao Dai Nam| Ao Dai Tre Em | Dam Da Hoi | Suon Xam | Ao Dai Cuoi


Women’s Long Dress | Man’s Long Dress | Kid’s Long Dress | Prom Dress | Wedding Dress | Soiree


CHINESE CHEONGSAM | Dat may Ao Dai | Thue Ao Dai





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